My Fave Sites

ASN – AUSTRALIAN SPORTS NUTRITION – For all your supplement needs…don’t just guess, shop with the experts!

DC POSING TRUNKS & BIKINIS – for competition ‘kinis, trunks, tanning, shoes, jewellery…everything you can imagine!

LINDY OLSEN.COM – one amazing, inspirational chick!! The forum on here rocks – if you are after support, motivation, and chit chat with other likeminded fitness enthusiasts – this is the place to go!!

PREPARED 2 WIN – total contest preparation – Jon and Mike are a wealth of knowledge!

MUSCLE DIARIES (& CREAPEEN RADIO) – for all the industry gossip and entertainment

REEBOK EASY TONES – my new fave walking shoe – hey if I have to do cardio, may as well try enjoy it 🙂

GIOTTO GELATO – for the best cheat meal EVER!! (well, when I am in Sydney anyway)

BASKIN ROBBINS – for the best cheat meal when I am not in Sydney and therefore can’t get to Giotto’s…

FACEBOOK – cos let’s face it, what bodybuilding competitor isn’t addicted!?!?!


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