OK Kids, holiday’s over, it’s time to get my blog back on…

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah yeah. I have been a bloody lazy blogger. Sorry bout that.

Gosh I am trying in my little 6am brain to work out when last post was and what it was about. I am pretty sure it was a hundred years ago, and I am also pretty sure it would be easy enough to save this entire 3 lines of a draft and check it, but I won’t. I did put the disclaimer about laziness in the first line, and I wasn’t lying.

So much has happened in the last hmm, 6 weeks – I am sure those on my Facebook friends list or those on Lindy’s Forum know all about it but for those who don’t (and if you do, stiff…this is my blog and I will write about it if I so please!!) here is a bit of a rundown:

I have pulled out of the October shows due to a really bad ankle injury. I noticed when out doing my 90-120 mins walking every day that my ankle was pounding with every step I took. I fractured this same ankle 12 years ago in a car accident in 2 places, and it never healed properly – so I assumed that the ache was basically the old injury flaring up due to the changing weather (ie – winter kicking in). This went on for about 4-5 weeks give or take, and got progressively worse – to the point I was substituting most of my walking for the bike on most days. Then one day I returned from Sydney on a Sunday evening and it was too late to get to the gym for my last hour of cardio, so I decided to do the walk thing. Big mistake. Got halfway through and could barely put any weight on it. But I had no money or phone with me, and was not on a road per-se (was on a walking track) so couldn’t even pull over a cab and offer to pay when I got home. I hobbled home and that night couldn’t sleep due to the weight of the blankets on my bed aggravating it. I knew then that this wasn’t just an old injury haunting me and needed it checked asap.

Fast forward 2 doctors visits, a bone scan, MRI, 3 specialist visits, a cortisone injection, countless physio sessions and now for the last 2 weeks a walking boot. I have done a mighty number on the extensor tendons in my right ankle, and have me a tibia so stressed the specialist reckons I was one week of training away from a fracture. So this has been going on for the past 6 weeks or so (that’s when I got it looked at initially) and 2 weeks ago when I saw the specialist she stuck me in the boot to immobilise it. Very sexy indeed.

Anyway long story short, there has been no leg training or no cardio for that long. Upper body only, and not as frequently as before as there isn’t a lot of recovery time when you are only training the same body parts over and over. Starting to feel like a blimp given I am not training a lot and yet my appetite hasn’t really decreased – not a good thing!! Need to invest in some Miracle Noodles again I think.

Anyway I am hoping that I will be ok to do FitX and the Australasians in March – will have to wait and see.

OK so that’s it for now – gosh I really DO promise it won’t be so long between posts.

  1. Beki says:




    Don’t leave it so bloody long next time *waggles finger*


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