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I am starting this post without a title, as I am just gonna ramble today about some completely random shit.

I am spending the 3rd day in a row perched on my bean bag – comfy, yes…for a couple of hours, but then it’s quite butt-numbing. “Just get off it then”, I hear you thinking. The problem is, that by that stage, I am kind of set in position and can’t be bothered to move. I have had a couple of naps on this thing in the last few days as well, which may account for the rather stiff neck I am currently experiencing.

I have barely been out of my pyjamas in the last few days, aside from the following times: 

Wednesday morning – trained legs before work (not an easy feat when your head feels like it’s gonna explode), got ready and went to work – that lasted til lunchtime, when I felt like death warmed up and just couldn’t bear being there any longer. I came home, whacked the PJ’s on and have been in them since.

Thursday – got out of them to have a shower and go to the doctors, then promptly put them on when I got home. Would have visited the Dr’s in them if it was socially acceptable, trust me. Also had to change out of them for a brief stint in the afternoon to go to Coles and pick up some supplies so I could eat, and visit the Chemist for some antibiotics.

Today – aside from a shower, no plans to get out of PJs.

I have done nothing but watch tv, sleep, eat, sleep, check the internet a thousand times, sleep, and watch Sopranos episodes. Feeling rather lazy but sinuses are fucked clogged up and I have had the most insane headache all week that I have had in years 😦 

Hmm so not a lot going on in my world.

I do want to share a pretty disturbing experience with you though, that I haven’t been able to get off my mind all week, I am that traumatised by it.

So last Saturday, I had a 9am appointment to get my hair straightened with that Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment. My appointment was at a salon down the Gold Coast, called Coupe Hair. Now I was trying to work out the best way to squeeze my training into the morning, given that I had to factor in an hour long drive down there, and most of the Fitness Firsts up here don’t open til 8am on a Saturday morning (some at 7 / 7.30am).

Anyway I decided to leave home super early, and to go to one of the FF’s down the Goldie. I ended up at the Mermaid Waters Platinum club. Never having been to a Platinum, I was ok with paying the difference (had to pay $7 to train there even though I have a passport membership) to see what all the fuss was about.

I am honestly not sure what my $7 paid for.

Freeweights floorspace was almost non-existent – set up in an area as big as my bathroom. One set of dumbbells for each weight increment. About 5 benches total. 

Cardio area – well all the ‘regular’ FF’s I have been training at have the same quality cardio equipment, and a hell of a lot more of it.

Weights machine area – about as impressive as the other areas, and just as small.

So if anyone knows the difference between a ‘standard’ Fitness First and a ‘platinum’ one, please tell me via the comments section as I would LOVE to know.

Anyway did my training and then headed over to the rower machine to do a bit of cardio. Rowers are located in the pint-sized stretch area, right in front of the machine weights. I get on the rower, and am immediately gobsmacked at the view I was subjected to.

A girl had a yoga mat laid out on the floorspace next to me, and she was there in full view of everyone, doing a yoga routine. Yes, shocking, I know!! lol OK you got me. The gobsmacking bit was her choice of attire, especially when taking into consideration where she was doing her repeated downward facing dog pose (she seemed to do that a lot).

She was wearing what I could only describe as being best suited to being in a bar or a club. Hot pants, and a boob tube. I kid you not. The hot pants (well, very little shorts, if you will) were about this size:

…and semi-loose fitting. So when she was doing her downward dog position:

with her butt facing the general population of the gym, it was hard to avoid seeing what she had for breakfast. I kid you not.

Is it just me, or is this inappropriate?? 

I am seriously scarred by the incident. This went on for 10min (think she managed to squeeze about 24 downward dogs into that space) before I couldn’t take it anymore and got my butt off that rower. Thanks for the memory lady.

Anyway that’s all I got for ya today. Supposed to have my appointment for skins tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to after my time away (and now my lack of training this week)…BUT given D Day is in like 10 days – won’t really matter I suppose. That’s if this sinus rubbish starts getting better by tomorrow cos at this rate, I won’t be going anywhere!

So, til next time…adios amigos.

  1. Sandra says:

    :& yukkies!!!

    I feel sorry for you having to put up with that “display” at the gym…seriously! was she showing off? Were there any guys around that she thought she was impressing…WTF?
    Hope you’re feeling better soon xx

  2. Alicia says:

    OMG you’re gonna be scarred for life! Hope you’re feeling better soon – emailed you yesterday arvo and didnt realise you’ve been home sick xoxo

  3. Beki says:

    Hahaha, seriously – some people have the wrong idea about what a gym is for!

    I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your jammies to the Drs and to Coles for that matter. Especially if they are nice Peter Alexander numbers 🙂

    Have you done the wash and let dry test with your hair yet? How did it look (if you did)?

    Hope you feel better soon, fingers crossed that this is your bit of being under the weather for the next few months xox

    • PrincessVic says:

      Tell me about it!! It was probably the most inappropriate thing I have ever witnessed in a gym…
      Haha yeah I quite like my jammies but still not 100% sure I am up for a daylight public fashion parade of them!

      I have done the wash and quick blowdry (using fingers only) and it came out fine. Haven’t left it to dry on it’s own yet due to being sick this week – don’t need anything to hinder getting better….will let you know once I do!

  4. Angie D says:

    Traumatised on your behalf. Yuk. Some people have no idea. Hope you better.

  5. Emma says:

    It’s inappropriate, that said I have been caught out in shorts and then trainer sheduled surprise deadlifts. Forgive me!

    She sounds like the same type of gym goer as I have at my gym who wear push up bras and crop tops with long straightend hair on the treadmills.

    • PrincessVic says:

      OK – there is a massive difference between PURPOSELY training inappropriately in inappropriate gear, and turning up for a session with a trainer and having shit sprung on you. I am guessing if you *knew* it was deadlift day you wouldn’t be wearing shorts! Forgiven 🙂

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