D-Day Announced

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

D-Day. AKA Diet Day…well the beginning of it anyway.

I have been (im)patiently waiting for the IFBB to release dates for the QLD and Aussie shows – cos we all like to know where our goalpost is. QLD titles are usually held in mid-October, with the Aussie titles being on the 3rd weekend in October (well that’s been the case every year I have done the show in any case). So, I had assumed the 20-week-out mark would be in 3 weeks time.

Trolling through a popular bodybuilding forum this eve, I stumbled on a thread posted by a very big IFBB promoter in the land of Oz, who announced that the fab Kai Greene will be guest posing at the IFBB Vics, Qld and Aussie titles – and next to each location, listed the date.

8 October – VIC titles

9 October – QLD titles

15-16 October – NSW/Aussie titles.

So…D-day is in 2 weeks…EEK!

So looking forward to it but freaking out as well – never done a 20 week comp prep, but at the same time know I am in unreal hands and am looking forward to seeing what I can bring to the stage this year.

So 2 weeks…I can feel a LOT of ice cream being jammed into the next 14 days!!

  1. Lenya says:

    Hey Vic
    Great news – how exciting! I can’t wait for updates throughout the journey; and to see the finished product!
    Woo hoo!!! May the force be with you! 😀

    • PrincessVic says:

      Thanks Lenya…I am excited but freaking out at the same time!! I know I know…will all be ok. I have the most amazing coach and just need to trust ME!!

  2. Liz Nelson says:

    You’ll be fine Vix – 20 weeks is much easier than a 7 week prep as I am finding out!

    • PrincessVic says:

      Yeah gotta say – 7 weeks…you are braver than me! BUT the difference is, I could never get away with 7 weeks…it’s the magic 7 week mark where I only just start seeing changes!!
      Wishing I could get down for the All Females but sadly looking like it’s not an option 😦

  3. Rae says:

    Why did I not know where your blog was… hmmmm?! I had to find it by stalking Beki’s… LOL!! Go get ’em gorgeous… just heading off to subscribe to your blog now xxx

  4. Beki says:

    Hahahaha – has someone sent warning to Baskin and Robbins?

    You are going to look phenomenal Vic, can’t wait to see the finished package! xx

    • PrincessVic says:

      Hahaha yeah maybe I should Tweet them to let them know!! Mmm…ice cream…

      Thanks Beki – I really hope so. Something sparked up inside me tonight…and I really, really want it this year!!

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