5 weeks down…15 to go

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Gosh, I can’t believe I am already a quarter of the way through comp prep. I know 15 weeks sounds like a long time – but it’s so not – especially when I think of the fact I have already done 5 weeks and it feels like nothing!

My week has been really good diet wise – perfect, actually. Training – well let’s just say I am fighting a losing battle with nasty sinus AND respiratory infections, and training has suffered a little as a result. When I say “a little” – I actually do mean that…I have missed one cardio session. I know – get over it – but I feel so guilty when I don’t train as normal. Anyone else get that??

I am due to see Coach tomorrow morning and will be training with him for the first time. Little scared, little excited. Whole body HIIT session is what I have been told to expect – sounds like a challenge I am gonna love!

I have been thinking heaps about comp time and making the most of it by booking in a photo shoot – something I’ve not done before but have wanted to for…well, forever! So my 2 comp locations are going to be Brissy and Sydney…but not sure whether to have it done immediately before/after comp, or a few weeks out. Any opinions from others who have done shoots around comp time would be much appreciated – as would be recommendations on photographers! I have a few in mind but would love to hear from anyone out there who has done them.

Not a lot else to report from here…just thought it would be nice to check in seeing as I haven’t been doing it regularly enough!

  1. KatieP says:

    I could do your photo shoot in Sydney. I did a photo shoot with Shelley a while back so she could tell you how it went.

  2. Liz N says:

    Hey Vix, I have a couple of good sources here in Brisbane – one does sports photography/motion photography and a couple of others. So next time we catch up, I shall let you know.

  3. bfs2009 says:

    What a trooper! Only one session missed. You’ll have to share about your sesh with your coach. 🙂

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