The week that was

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

The last 2 weeks have flown by in a bit of a blur. I can’t get past the fact that we are already 3 days into September – where the hell did February go?!?!

I clocked up a stupendous 110 (or thereabouts) hours over the last 2 weeks at work – which is inclusive of the entire of last weekend. I have literally ate, worked, slept, and existed in a state of delirium. I flew to Sydney at lunchtime Monday for work and was there til Wednesday arvo, and while I got to have a couple of 8 hour sleeps while down there, it didn’t quite make up for all the lost sleep I had. By yesterday afternoon I wasn’t making much sense at all (although I was making even less sense on Monday morning) so took myself home from work via the bottle shop, bottle of red in hand – all good intentions but I drank less than a measly glass. Too tired.

The last few weeks I have been increasingly homesick and I think the lack of training and therefore extra free time is giving me more time to realise how much I miss my friends and family. I am hanging to move back home, no secret there, and am hoping something comes up work-wise in Sydney sooner rather than later. 

The lack of training is definitely affecting me physically – and the food of late hasn’t helped one morsel. While working crazy woman hours the food was ‘eat what you can, when you can’. Last Saturday night I was so exhausted after being at the office all day and I literally ate a block of chocolate for dinner (OK it was probably 3/4 of a block – but we are talking family-sized!!) as I couldn’t be bothered to cook and was too tired to think properly about what I was doing. 

I have my birthday coming up during the week – the big 33 – and looking back I am nowhere near the person I imagined I would be when I was a kid. Not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes I wonder ‘what if’ things had turned out differently. ‘What if’ I had made alternate choices to the ones I did. Mega reflective for me, I know… I have a night out tonight at the Story Bridge Hotel  with a handful of the girls and have booked myself in for a massage on Wednesday as a little treat for my birthday. We get a half day off if our birthday falls on a workday and I thought doing something nice is better than just coming home to spend a few extra hours alone in my unit. I have mum flying up next Friday night for the weekend too, so will be nice to have her here for the weekend. She has never been up on her own so we haven’t had any mother/daughter time up here – it will be nice to be able to show her where I have been living the past 6 months and go out for some nice meals, head to the markets together and just do girly stuff.

Anyway not much else to tell…oh I went to the specialist on Thursday and I am in this space boot for at least another 2 weeks…pending it not flaring up again in that time. If it does (which she kindly pointed out would likely happen after drinks tonight) I am back at Day One and have to start the 2 week countdown again. Guess I best be making friends with Mr Boot again – here is a picture from my angle…

That’s it from me…off to start the weekend with a chest training session.


  1. Hey Vic,
    Sorry to hear that you’re having a bit of a time of it and a bit homesick. We love having you in Brisvegas, but understand you want to go back to Sydders….

    • PrincessVic says:

      Thanks Liz. I do love it up here, QLD is a gorgeous place to live – but unfortunately it just isn’t “home” for me. Don’t worry – there will be lots of visits!!

  2. Kerryn Woods says:

    I don’t think I could pack up and move interstate – and I have a lot of admiration for people who do just that.

    Hope your birthday massage is fabulous!

    • PrincessVic says:

      Thanks Kerryn. Truth be known, it all happened so quick – when I got the job (for which I hadn’t actually thought through when I applied) I literally had 3 weeks to pack my house up and get up here. Had I actually had time to stop and think about it, it may never have happened!! lol

      And thank you – I am sure I will enjoy every last bit of the massage! 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    Happy Birthday Vic! When you get back we’ll have to have that catch-up that never happened…I was in Port Douglas last weekend and my hair went berserk with the humidity!!!Love the place but that’s reason enough for me to stay put…OK so I’m shallow…

    • PrincessVic says:

      Thanks Sandra – and DEAL! I would love to catch up 🙂
      Haha it’s ok you are allowed to be shallow…there is nothing worse than frizzy humidity hair, believe me, I know!!

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