Um…no title tonight

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wow – up there with inconsistency in the blogging stakes, aren’t I?

Hello my friends – it’s real good to be back on here. I have had a bit of a break (obviously) from blogging. Just too many things going on and nothing really worth writing about.

I can’t remember last post (and am far too lazy to save this, check it, and return to this one) but going by comments I just read back on I am guessing it was about the hot pant donning yoga chick?  Well – for those of you who are my friend on Facebook (shame on you, those who aren’t!!) you would be aware that I have become quite taken with posting photos of “interesting” fashion around the traps. Photos are usually taken on my lunchbreak, and man, there are some very quirky and/or outright BAD dressers out there. I am not saying I am any Coco Chanel, God knows I am not, but there are lines that just shouldn’t be crossed! Anyway I have decided to start a blog dedicated to the lovely fashion photography I have been capturing – feel free to check it out: and leave any feedback you feel necessary. The first few are going to be a backlog of pics I have been taking (so some of you will have seen some of them on FB already).

OK back to ME!

Prep has started for me – I am just over 17 weeks out. Feeling good and getting a little leaner. Eating loads, God bless JD and his theory on using food to speed up the metabolism. No complaints here.

I have been to 3 comps in recent weeks – the ANB Sydney titles; NABBA/WFF Southern Hemispheres; and INBA Brisbane titles. All within the first week of prep – what a great motivator – seeing all the buff bods and shredded chickies up on stage. I am also off to the Asia Pacifics this weekend, which also promises to be a killer comp. I am making it my mission to make 2011 a fucking brilliant year for me comp-wise. Scuse the French but I had to emphasise it. This is going to be a killer year 🙂

Spent last weekend down in my fave Aussie city, Melbourne, and literally spent ALL of my time with my baby niece or training. That was it. Loved every second of the weekend. Well aside from on Sunday when some stupid bitch thieved the white gold & diamond cross and necklace we bought my niece for her upcoming Christening (no joke – there are some absolute scum out there).

Um…not much else to tell you, I am afraid! So til next time (and you can hold your breath, I am back for real this time lol) train hard, play harder and be good 🙂

  1. Sandra says:

    hahaha LOVE that new Blog of yours, Vic 😀

    seventeen weeks to Comp? Yikes!!!

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