Comp Season and My Gripes…

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So there have been a few comps on of late, and I have managed to get my prepping but to every one I possibly could I think. ANB Sydney Titles (happened to be in Sydney that weekend), NABBA/WFF Southern Hemispheres, INBA Brisbane Titles, and only just on Sunday, I went to the Asia Pacifics.

I had fun at most of them and got to catch up with some of my lovely and fabulous buddies. Bodybuilding is a very small community (not small in numbers, but kinda close knit, everyone knows everyone) and it seems that when you go to a comp or a fitness event (eg Filex), every second step you take, you bump into someone you know. I love that part!

As for which comp was best – overall I would probably have to give it to the Southern Hemispheres. Loads of atmosphere, loads of people, and so well run. I am a big fan of the one-show format and considering the number of athletes and the fact they all do routines, it didn’t run anymore than maybe 10mins behind schedule at any given time. Love that.

Asia Pacifics on the weekend was a great comp too. I was impressed with the calibre of athletes – in particular in the figure divisions. Very big (for the most part) line ups, and very close. They all brought their A-Game, that is without doubt. There weren’t as many spectators as I thought – maybe the $80 pricetag on an all-day ticket had something to do with that though (and an extra $60 if you wanted to see the sports/fitness models the following day). I do have to say though – kudos to ANB for finally giving the model divisions their own day – I am not a big fan of them being on the same day as bodybuilding and figure competitors – particularly when they are placed on stage before all the others, who have depleted and dehydrated to hell and back. The one thing that did annoy me about the comp though – the length of time it went for. Even taking the models out of the comp, it still managed to run til 10.30pm. It started at 10.30am. That is a bit of a joke – I think the feds that don’t yet follow the 1 show format need to jump on board, and soon!

OK – so now my real bitch.

The thing I hate the most about shows is sore friggen losers. You didn’t win? Get over it. Maybe approach the judges for some feedback on why X person placed ahead of you, and what you can do to improve for next time. Maybe walk away, eat your pizza, and then get back to working on the weaker areas. Whatever. 

Seriously – I know that sometimes decisions are made and we don’t agree with them all – and yes (God forbid) – sometimes it would appear that there is some favouritism and/or political decisions made but in all honesty – is whinging and posting stuff all over Facebook and/or other forums, blogs etc about how you were ripped off going to do anything for your cause apart from making you look like a sore loser? And worse – posting derogatory comments about those who placed higher on photos that they can see / are tagged in….it’s seriously just not on!

OK rant over.

What I will say is that I did take home a shit load of motivation from Sunday’s competition – WOW – I have a lot of work ahead…but to that I have three simple words…BRING IT ON!! So now, I leave you with my motivation / inspiration for the next 16.5 weeks – ANB Asia Pacifics Overall Figure Champion – the incredible Janet Kane.

  1. Kerryn Woods says:

    Well said, Vick! Honestly, it’s a COMPETITION…. that means that there are winners and LOSERS. And if you can’t be a gracious loser, you shouldn’t be up there.

    I hate seeing sour faces or childish stomping off stage from those who think they were unfairly judged. When they announce the winner and it’s not you, stand there with a fricking smile plastered on your face, and act like you’re fine with it – it’s all part of the game. And hey – say congratulations to the winner and look like you mean it.

    • PrincessVic says:

      You put yourself up there to be judged – and if you can’t handle that then you shouldn’t be there either.
      Yep one guy actually carried on up on stage when he realised he didn’t place on Sunday – NOT a good look.

  2. steph says:

    oh dear, I would have loved to have seen that just quietly – to laugh at them. but the carrying on, on fb and commenting on people’s pics takes it waaay too far!
    you posted up such great pics Vicki, thank you! All the best for the countdown!! go hard xox

    • PrincessVic says:

      Oh it was amusing to say the least! And very, very obvious.
      No worries for the photos – Unfortunately I ran out of battery on my camera though towards the end and had to use my iPhone! lol
      And yep – countdown is on!! 16 weeks – I know that will fly x

  3. Beki says:

    Omg! I know it happens, but seriously, these people should have some self respect. Go home and cry into your pizza or whatever but making yourself a bad loser in front of, as you say, a small community is not going to do you any favours whatsoever. In the agreement I signed for my coach there is a bit about behaving professionally (not that I ever wouldn’t, just not my style) and I know that my coach has given her clients a bollocking before for having tantrums at shows lol

    • PrincessVic says:

      Too right Beki. It’s great your coach has put that specifically into an agreement with clients – at the end of the day competitors, whether they realise it or not, are representing their coaches and childish carry-on will just detract from their professionalism.

      • Beki says:

        Exactly, as far as she is concerned you are representing her. She comes to the show to help and support you but also to get herself “out and about”. If you are behaving badly then it reflects badly on her and she won’t stand for that! She has actually “sacked” clients in the past! Can’t say I blame her. This is such a small industry as you say, everyone knows everyone and it only takes a few people behaving badly to create a bad image!

  4. Sandra says:

    Love the thought of a signed “agreement” like Beki’s talking about. My girls play Rep basketball, and every year they (and the parents) have to sign an agreement and there is a big section on it about behaviour and sportsmanship…as a team manager, I try to ‘coach” the girls in sport etiquette – you always shake the other team’s hand BEFORE the game to wish them luck and AFTER whether you won or lost…

    Anyway, sounds like I should get onto FB for all the goss…or maybe not :p

    • PrincessVic says:

      Yep – sportsmanship is something one should learn from a young age. Makes a HUGE difference. Who wants to see adults carrying on like knob-jockeys cos they didn’t win a trophy, or the trophy they DID win wasn’t big enough?? Honestly!!
      Yeah Facebook is great for the entertainment factor, but some people carry on so much I actually ‘hide’ their statuses in my newsfeed cos I get sick of hearing the ‘woe is me’ shit every day!! lol

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