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I am starting this post without a title, as I am just gonna ramble today about some completely random shit.

I am spending the 3rd day in a row perched on my bean bag – comfy, yes…for a couple of hours, but then it’s quite butt-numbing. “Just get off it then”, I hear you thinking. The problem is, that by that stage, I am kind of set in position and can’t be bothered to move. I have had a couple of naps on this thing in the last few days as well, which may account for the rather stiff neck I am currently experiencing.

I have barely been out of my pyjamas in the last few days, aside from the following times: 

Wednesday morning – trained legs before work (not an easy feat when your head feels like it’s gonna explode), got ready and went to work – that lasted til lunchtime, when I felt like death warmed up and just couldn’t bear being there any longer. I came home, whacked the PJ’s on and have been in them since.

Thursday – got out of them to have a shower and go to the doctors, then promptly put them on when I got home. Would have visited the Dr’s in them if it was socially acceptable, trust me. Also had to change out of them for a brief stint in the afternoon to go to Coles and pick up some supplies so I could eat, and visit the Chemist for some antibiotics.

Today – aside from a shower, no plans to get out of PJs.

I have done nothing but watch tv, sleep, eat, sleep, check the internet a thousand times, sleep, and watch Sopranos episodes. Feeling rather lazy but sinuses are fucked clogged up and I have had the most insane headache all week that I have had in years 😦 

Hmm so not a lot going on in my world.

I do want to share a pretty disturbing experience with you though, that I haven’t been able to get off my mind all week, I am that traumatised by it.

So last Saturday, I had a 9am appointment to get my hair straightened with that Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment. My appointment was at a salon down the Gold Coast, called Coupe Hair. Now I was trying to work out the best way to squeeze my training into the morning, given that I had to factor in an hour long drive down there, and most of the Fitness Firsts up here don’t open til 8am on a Saturday morning (some at 7 / 7.30am).

Anyway I decided to leave home super early, and to go to one of the FF’s down the Goldie. I ended up at the Mermaid Waters Platinum club. Never having been to a Platinum, I was ok with paying the difference (had to pay $7 to train there even though I have a passport membership) to see what all the fuss was about.

I am honestly not sure what my $7 paid for.

Freeweights floorspace was almost non-existent – set up in an area as big as my bathroom. One set of dumbbells for each weight increment. About 5 benches total. 

Cardio area – well all the ‘regular’ FF’s I have been training at have the same quality cardio equipment, and a hell of a lot more of it.

Weights machine area – about as impressive as the other areas, and just as small.

So if anyone knows the difference between a ‘standard’ Fitness First and a ‘platinum’ one, please tell me via the comments section as I would LOVE to know.

Anyway did my training and then headed over to the rower machine to do a bit of cardio. Rowers are located in the pint-sized stretch area, right in front of the machine weights. I get on the rower, and am immediately gobsmacked at the view I was subjected to.

A girl had a yoga mat laid out on the floorspace next to me, and she was there in full view of everyone, doing a yoga routine. Yes, shocking, I know!! lol OK you got me. The gobsmacking bit was her choice of attire, especially when taking into consideration where she was doing her repeated downward facing dog pose (she seemed to do that a lot).

She was wearing what I could only describe as being best suited to being in a bar or a club. Hot pants, and a boob tube. I kid you not. The hot pants (well, very little shorts, if you will) were about this size:

…and semi-loose fitting. So when she was doing her downward dog position:

with her butt facing the general population of the gym, it was hard to avoid seeing what she had for breakfast. I kid you not.

Is it just me, or is this inappropriate?? 

I am seriously scarred by the incident. This went on for 10min (think she managed to squeeze about 24 downward dogs into that space) before I couldn’t take it anymore and got my butt off that rower. Thanks for the memory lady.

Anyway that’s all I got for ya today. Supposed to have my appointment for skins tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to after my time away (and now my lack of training this week)…BUT given D Day is in like 10 days – won’t really matter I suppose. That’s if this sinus rubbish starts getting better by tomorrow cos at this rate, I won’t be going anywhere!

So, til next time…adios amigos.


D-Day Announced

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D-Day. AKA Diet Day…well the beginning of it anyway.

I have been (im)patiently waiting for the IFBB to release dates for the QLD and Aussie shows – cos we all like to know where our goalpost is. QLD titles are usually held in mid-October, with the Aussie titles being on the 3rd weekend in October (well that’s been the case every year I have done the show in any case). So, I had assumed the 20-week-out mark would be in 3 weeks time.

Trolling through a popular bodybuilding forum this eve, I stumbled on a thread posted by a very big IFBB promoter in the land of Oz, who announced that the fab Kai Greene will be guest posing at the IFBB Vics, Qld and Aussie titles – and next to each location, listed the date.

8 October – VIC titles

9 October – QLD titles

15-16 October – NSW/Aussie titles.

So…D-day is in 2 weeks…EEK!

So looking forward to it but freaking out as well – never done a 20 week comp prep, but at the same time know I am in unreal hands and am looking forward to seeing what I can bring to the stage this year.

So 2 weeks…I can feel a LOT of ice cream being jammed into the next 14 days!!


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Yeah I know, bout time I posted. Rest assured, I am still here, have just not been motivated to write since getting back from being away.

So much has happened since last post but at the same time doesn’t feel like anything that interesting to anyone else has gone on, so haven’t had a lot to write about really.

I had a lovely, albeit very busy, time away. It was so nice to see everyone and get to spend some quality time with my family, and especially with my lil bubby niece, who as you all know, I love to bits!! She has gotten SO BIG it is not funny…little chubber she is. I spoke with my SIL yesterday and she was telling me Aurelia is the biggest – and youngest – baby at the Mother’s Group she is going to. This kid must take after her aunty with the love of food thing!!

So Melbourne was first up. Well there was a brief (36 hours) stint in Sydney, as I had flown into Sydney and then drove to Melbourne with my parents. Yes, I know I am game – 9 hours in a car with my parents…enough to drive most people batty. But I have done it before on several occasions and I just know the golden rule – ENSURE iPOD IS CHARGED. So anyway Melbourne was good, I literally did NOTHING aside from hang at my brother’s place and one daily trip to the renowned Doherty’s Gym to train. My thought was that I went down there for family time, and that is what I did. Hung with the family, a lot.

Easter Sunday was a big affair, as it always is in my family. My family and my SIL’s family had a big (and by ‘big’ I mean ‘enormous’) feast. Mum had been summonsed to make homemade lasagna (the only kind I will eat – refuse to order lasagna at restaurants as am always disappointed), so she started making the pasta the night before (at which point my brother requested we have fresh spaghetti for dinner that night…so we did…mmm enough to make me want to move home!) and we put the lasagna together on Easter Sunday morning. Rach’s mum made 3 kinds of roast (as you do!!) with all the baked veggies and extras, and of course there were salads, and about 4 kinds of desserts. Not to mention the easter eggs. I ate my fair share, let’s just leave it at that 😉

Sydney was good, managed to catch up with some rellies and close friends which is always nice. My bestie is currently 6 months pregnant and her belly had grown so much since I last saw her, I couldn’t believe it. She actually looks like she is about 8 months pregnant – all belly – she is gonna have a big bubba on her hands! I went to a wedding last Saturday night – it was the wedding of an old workmate from the place I worked for about 9 years, and was like a massive reunion. There were about 40 of us from that workplace there and was so much fun! It was one of the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to – they have been together 13 years and looked just so happy and content – the way it should be. I *may* have also met a Brazilian boy at said wedding and gone to a Brazilian BBQ at his place the next day…which is quite an experience for those who have never been to one. VERY different to the barbies us Aussies put together…the coal bbq was burning, slow cooking the meat, which get sliced as it cooks and passed around on a plate. There were guitars and maraccas and bongoes and a tambourine being played while they sat around singing in Portuguese…such a nice way to spend a Sunday arvo/night. No real spark when I wasn’t drinking copious amounts of red wine like the previous night though – but all good fun 🙂

Not much to report from this week. I have tried to keep the diet as clean as possible as have skinfolds next week and am a bit worried after my Easter splurge…I don’t feel like I was as active as normal while away despite training as normal. So have tried to step it up a little this week since getting back. Tried a new boxing gym on Thursday night, it was a 45min class (I am used to 1-2 hour classes) and let’s just say that I don’t think I could have kept going after 45mins – I was already sweating and out of breath during the warm up! Think I will be returning there 🙂 Hit the stairs this morning and it nearly killed me after a 3 week break from them.

So today – think it’s off to the markets for me. I love the markets 🙂

Still here

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Just dropping in to say that yes, I am still alive…just been on a little holiday…but promise I will blog soon when I am not so tired and unmotivated!!

Another Sunday night…

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As I sit here, on my trusty, comfy beanbag writing this while watching The Matrix  (love that us women can multi-task!) I can’t believe we have once again hit another Sunday night. They just seem to be coming around like no-one else’s business at the moment. Not that I mind this week – it means I am that little bit closer (72 hours) to being on a plane to Sydney. Can’t wait for my lil Sydney/Melbourne/Sydney 12 day getaway, it’s just what the doctor has ordered, me thinks.

It has been both, a productive and unproductive weekend, depending on which angle you look at it from. I have done nothing Friday/Saturday nights – and add tonight to that mix. Friday night was a little bit of watching my footy team get slaughtered, and last night was chick flick night – laid on the couch and watched My Sister’s Keeper on DVD (love that movie!) followed by Hitch (another fave), which happened to be on tele when I finished the DVD.

Daytimes have been full of training, catch ups, and housey-stuff (yes, I made that word up myself). 

Yesterday morning I copy-catted the fabulous Clare Ross’ shoulder workout from this week, that she posted on Facebook – she did a total of 900 dumbell lateral raises (14 sets of 50; 1 set of 200). I thought I would try for 1000, just to see if I could. I did it – it burned, but didn’t feel much afterwards. That is, til this morning. OH MY GOD. I am seriously in a world of hurt. Seriously. Even my biceps hurt from it and I am left wondering how I think I am going to get through my back/bi’s training tomorrow morning. This morning’s cardio included 20min on the rower, and just added to the agony!

Anyway, after the shoulder thrashing session, I caught up with Liz, Kerry W and Carolyn G who had just done Liz’ RPM class, for a coffee. Carolyn is over from interstate at the moment and is getting ready for the Southern Hemispheres, and is looking bloody amazing – as were all of the ladies! I hadn’t met Kerry or Carolyn before this and it was lovely to put real life faces to names. From there I raced home for a quick shower, off to ballet, then to Southbank to meet up with Kerry again for lunch. We went to a Japanese place near the cinema and had the yummiest soup, then over to a little cafe that make REAL hot chocolate – that is, they serve you a glass with proper chocolate in it, and a little bottle of hot milk, and you mix the two to make the hot chocolate. Divine! I might have also snuck in a piece of apple & raspberry crumble with ice cream…LOVE cheat day!!

Kerry – if you are reading it was bloody awesome to meet you – so down to earth and easy to get on with!

From there it was home to do the vegging out thing.

Today – home stuff, lots of washing to get done before the trip, cleaning etc. Then headed out to not one, but two different Loot stores to purchase a couple of pieces of furniture that I need pretty badly. LOVING that one of them was on sale too – makes it not seem so bad!! lol

And now – doing the vegging thing again. Off for skinfolds tomorrow and will be very interested to see how I have gone after dropping back on the high intensity cardio stuff…stay tuned!

Things I Love

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Inspired by Michelle’s blogpost, I have decided that I, too, would write a list. Here are some of the things that make me smile stupidly, even when just thinking about them…

The daily pictures sms’d to me of my gorgeous baby niece

Getting on a plane to see my family

That feeling after a great workout

A nice meal with good friends

Mum’s pasta

Cuddles from puppies

Wandering aimlessly around the markets when I don’t have any deadlines

Being near the water

Watching a nice sunrise over the beach

My first coffee for the day

The smell of fresh bread

The smell of contest colour

Hearing a song that has specific fond memories associated with it

Watching some of my fave movies from when I was growing up…think The Neverending Story, Breakfast Club, Pulp Fiction, Mannequin…

Getting an unexpected text or call from an old friend from back home right when I am feeling lonely


Random memories of hilarious moments popping up at inappropriate times

Dark chocolate

and of course, a trip to Baskin Robbins!!

There…your turn!


I have been known to do some pretty dumb things in life: had many a “blonde moment”, if you will (as a blonde, I am entitled to take the piss out of our species). Many of these things have occurred while I have been on comp diet, and been not just physically depleted, but brain depleted also. OK – so many of these things have also occurred when I don’t have “comp brain” too…but I am going to attribute them to a deterioration in braincells due to the repeated “comp brain” status.

Anyway, I thought that it would be amusing to document these moments, and maybe see if any of you out there can relate to any of it? Or even add some…?

1. Falling asleep in the gym in between sets. Yes sir. I have done this. Not once, but twice. Lying on the leg curl machine, and the other time on the incline bench while doing DB flyes. Both times in between sets, during “peak week” (week leading into comp). That is some serious depletion.

2. Burning a stainless steel pan (that has survived in an Italian household since the early 80’s at least…that’s one fricken heavy duty ass pan) to a crisp while steaming broccoli on a gas stove. Yes Vicki, you are supposed to turn the gas off once the broccoli is steamed. It would help if you didn’t only remember you were steaming said broccoli because the smoke alarms were going off. See picture.

This is why I should not be allowed to cook

3. While we are on the topic of food / cooking skills / lack thereof…forgetting that I had lentils on the stove, and having them explode all over the kitchen. And I mean all over the kitchen. The floor, the walls, the sink, the ceiling, the blinds. Should I go on? Pretty sure you get the picture.

4. OK – I seem to be developing a theme here. Let’s not forget the 3 days in a row I managed to explode my egg whites in the microwave. Yes – three days straight. That, my friends, takes talent.

5. Then there was the time I smashed my car, 2 weeks out from comp. No, not so amusing – just showing how dysfunctional my brain is when there is a lack of carbs involved.

6. Who can forget the time that I put my bowl of oats and eggwhites in the pantry, and turned the microwave on, waiting for them to cook? Pretty sure the look on my face would have been priceless when I opened said microwave to find it empty.

7. Or the time (Ok so it was only this week…and I’m not dieting…) that I filled the kettle up and prepared my coffee mug with coffee and sweetener, then poured in the water? Yes, the cold water. That’s what the water will be like, Vicki, if you don’t turn the kettle on.

So I am starting to feel like the world’s biggest idiot here…(go figure?)…can anyone add any more to this list? Would love to know I am not the only one who suffers this terrible syndrome!!